About Us

HealthGanics™–byCATALOTrustworthyDoctorsCo-developedmedicineNutrition series. HealthGanicsProduct passDoctor's MedicineExperience and academic research, collaboration with interdisciplinary professionals. From scientific researchHair, using the highest quality natural ingredients forThe best health solution you provide.

From nature, bring you health and beauty

We believe that true health and beauty radiate from the inside out, so we have always strived to understand your health needs and insist on producing all kinds of healthy foods with high-quality natural raw materials to give you all your body needs.

Focus on research and development

The product research and development team has been keeping pace with the times and is committed to creating innovative, effective and scientifically proven formulas to meet the needs of the public.A scientific advisory team composed of experts provides professional guidance and supervision, enabling us to be at the forefront of the health market.Comprehensively take care of the nutritional needs of different life stagesThrough rich and diversified products with branded ingredients, we can fully cater for the nutritional needs of different people.

Quality and safety, the choice of confidence

U.S. cGMP certified factory manufacturing
Most of the products are manufactured in cGMP certified factories in the United States and imported with original packaging.

American CATALO Quality Assurance
Insist on providing high-quality products, based on the principles of effective, natural ingredients, high performance and quality safety, to lead customers to maintain health and beauty.

U.S. FDA license
The manufacturer's plant is licensed by the US Food and Important Affairs Administration FDA Regulations, and the product quality meets international standards.